About us

Spartans Fight Club has been born on 4th December 2014 on thursday and it has been founded by coach JOYS VARGHESE.

He started his training with his 1st student ARYAN NARAYANAN.The training was held at ST.JOSEPH HIGH SCHOOL ground Ankamaly,Ernakulam Kerala. At that time 5 more students came to join in the training.Vishnu Lal C,Delphin Davis,Athul Babu,Arun George and Kailas Vijayakumar were those students.While the training was going well and good the school management banned martial arts pratice in ground.Then the class has beenshifted to a rented hall at kidangoor in a new name “ Do or Die fight club’’.With 6 number of students.

Master Joys Varghese planned to spread and devolp the club.And he changed the name to “SPARTANS FIGHT CLUB “ which has been with rapid pace grown up to the best successful club in kerala now.


Almight lord/help me to be a good/Martial artist of/Spartans Fight Club/to study my lessons/with concentration/take ful opportunites/given to me /at the fight club/so that we may grow in/wisdom and power


I promise that/ I will not use/my martial arts techiquenics/at anybody/until my life or others life/that’s in danger/ I will obey my coach without any fail.

muaythai boxing

muaythai boxing