Fitness and Weight Loss Training Oman

The work fitness is not new to anyone who has wanted to live a healthy life. Fitness doesn’t isn’t something that just happens, it’s a mindset with which people approach their life as well as lifestyle. Learning martial arts along with a fitness goal would enable a person to keep a tight rein on disciplining himself as well as his lifestyle and our club boasts both ,martial arts and fitness.

Mixed Martial Arts Club in Muscat

MMA is short for Mixed Martial Arts, in short a person can use any style to take a win over his opponent, and it includes both striking as well as grappling and groundwork. MMA started mostly when people wanted to see street fighting as a sport in an anything goes brawl. MMA is the closest one can get to a no rules fight with less injury risk. It is currently one of the most popular martial art hybrids in the world at present and is promoted through a variety of platform and programs. Our club curriculum has a methodical approach to this end.

Spartans Martial Arts and Fitness Oman Provide all style of Mixed Martial Arts Training for kids

Kickboxing Club in Oman

Kickboxing is a martial art style with American roots which mostly uses and stresses on punches and kick. It has different formats and has produced quite a few formidable champions who did well in other martial art arenas too. Our club mostly encourages its member to participate in the k1 format.

Spartans Oman  offers Boxing, Freestyle Kickboxing, Muay Thai and Shoot Boxing for kids .

Muay Boran Classes Private Lessons in Oman

Muay Boran is regarded as the predecessor of Muay Thai, often called Ancient Muay Thai.It is also known as the art of nine limbs as it also includes head-butts and is even more brutal than Muay Thai. It is also regarded as the traditional form of Muay Thai from which numerous other branches appeared and had different specialties. Our club teaches orthodox Muay Boran and our head coach is a Khan 12 Kru and is fully equipped to teach Muay Boran.

Spartans Martial Arts and Fitness Oman provide Muay Boran, MMA training for children, male and female . Also Provide personal training classes.

Muay Thai Training in Oman

This is one of the most dangerous as well as most hard hitting combat style in the world. With its brutal knees, elbows, punches and kicks often called the art of eight limbs, most professionals and amateurs alike come into contact with it at some point of their fighting career as more often than not Muay Thai is regarded as one of the most well rounded style in striking and stand up fights. Our club has produced many national medalists in Muay Thai in our Indian counterparts Overseas.

Karate Classes in Oman

Karate is a style developed in the small island of Okinawa a short distance away from mainland japan. It has been spread to various parts of the world through the rigorous efforts of the Japanese. The word karate is a combination of two kanji (Chinese characters): Kara, meaning empty, and Te, meaning hand; thus, karate means “empty hand.” Adding the suffix “-do” meaning “the way/path,”

Spartans club Oman provide Karate training for Kids, male, Female and Mixed programs. Specialized in functional training.

Boxing Classes in Oman

Boxing is one of the forms that is ever-present in martial arts and a great addition to a warrior’s repertoire. It mostly consists of the use of fist and fast footwork. It is famous worldwide and one of the combat sports that hits the lime light the most. The worldwide boxing scene always welcomes new stars and is never short of melodrama. It is a good foundation to start up your entry into any other martial art you consider in the future. Our club Spartans in Oman and India has quite a history in boxing with the head coach himself a national medalist and quite proficient in boxing.