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Spartans Fight Club is founded by JOYS VARGHESE. He was born on 17th September 1996.He started his martial arts life at the age of 7. His 1st achievement was Black belt in karate in his 13th age .He got black belt in MITSUYA KAI- Shito Ryu Karate under the training of SENSEI Rajan T.B during the training period of 6 years.

After Karate he got interested in MMA and started training under coach Binu and from for Fire Way MMA Kalikkavu ,Malapuram & Samuel Lal Rozama (MMA UFC secretary) from Mizoram .He pursued his passion with relentless hard work and devotion. Joys started his MuayThai training in 2011 under the guidance and motivation of coach Kevin lloyid from WMBF(world Muay Boran Federation. Within consistent training he became Muay thai fighter and won many championships at regional and National level competitions . He is also a professional Referee for MuayThai , kickboxing & MMA 3 years .Apart from seasoned fighter and he is a Adventurer and Traveler, He also have a scuba diver license.

It was Joys founded the Spartans Fight Club Ernakulam District, India. He is the most successful and experienced trainer who controls the association from the year of its Inception.
Being a martial arts instructor is an amazing way to hone your own craft while helping others continue their growth as well.