Karate is an authentic martial arts self-defense form originated in Okinawa an archipelago of Japanese islands that had trade relations with China, with the Japanese invasion of these islands many of these forms of self-defense arts where imbibed into Japanese culture and became national pride. The origins of these martial arts are sometimes untraceable but it has many Buddhist influences and philosophy. Modern karate has evolved and has evolved with 4 distinct styles to its advantage.JAPAN SHOTOKAN KARATE ASSOCIATION(JSKA), Founded by Abe Keigo on 10th February 1999. Abe holds the 9th Dan in JSKA Chief instructor.JSKA has claims of having members in 40 countries globally.The true purpose of Shotokan karate is to train with a goal to develop a strong mind and body and furthermore to contribute to society in general.

Karate at Spartans Fight club

Spartans fight club has a strong student network in Karate, Karate coaching provided in our school is not just self-defense but a full contact sport.We Train Our pupils K1 Forms of Karate which is a full contact Martial Arts

We are Affiliated with

  • Japan Shotokan Karate Association (JSKA) Kate(forms)