Kickboxing is a modern combative sport with athletic duel technique. It was originated in two different variations from the USA an Japan during 1960’s or 70’s, Kickboxing is considered a Hybrid Martial Arts due to many elements from traditional styles of Karate, MuayThai, Kungfu, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu . Kickboxing mostly using kicking and punching techniques, knees and elbows and clinches are not allowed.As at athletic level kickboxing has light contact, semi contact, Full contact forms. Most of the initial developments of kickboxing happened in early Japan where it was widely practiced and televised for entertainment later it spread all over the world, There are many kickboxing associations that govern the sport namely World Association of Kickboxing Organizations and International Kick Boxing Association(Iska).

Kick Boxing at Spartans Fight Club

Kickboxing is a widely recognized sport an martial art that is very popular with youngsters and many of our fighters are well trained and have so many championships all over India .we recommend to may of our young students who wants to have a foundation in martial arts.

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