Mixed Martial Arts


MMA is a full-contact sport that was invented by using many techniques from various other martial arts and can be traced to mixed styles of catch wrestling, judo, boxing, savate, jujutsu, and French canne de combat.So basically being a combative sport it used fencing, western boxing, kickboxing, grappling to create points on the rival fighter. MMA is an activity and sport more than a martial arts technique because of its free form fighting and less rules, it’s more favored by many martial artists, It began its inception in 1994 and till now it is reputed to be the most popular sport in the united states and Europe.

MMA at Spartans Fight Club

MMA fighter requires quick reaction and superior fighter spirit. At Spartans club we have trainers who have experience in MMA bouts and specialists in the field of professional MMA.

We are Affiliated with

  • All India Mixed Martial Arts Association (AIMMA)
  • We are the Only FIMMA in Ernakulam.